Crete: THE ideal travel destination even in Corona times

The coronavirus (COVID-19) did not leave Greece without a trace either. The Greek government acted very early and was extremely restrictive. All Greeks had to keep the quarantine for weeks. With impressive success because Greece had the lowest corona rate in all of Europe. There was only 1 case in Chania. The number of cases in Crete was below 10. Nevertheless, we also adhered to the strict requirements in Crete.

The government will act quickly and strictly in future situations, too. Strict protective measures for tourism have already been implemented.
In Crete we can access numerous hospitals connected to the universities. In an emergency, everything is available here on site.

Strict rules of everyday life should protect everyone. Bars and cafes are subject to distance and hygiene conditions. Disinfection is standard in bars and restaurants after every guest.
We ourselves go out again and enjoy the time outside. At the moment we feel safe here in Crete.

Disinfection, cleaning & safety at the highest level

  • Hand disinfectants are ready for you.
  • We work with gloves and a face mask or face mask.
  • Safety distances are adjusted in all areas.
  • We are comprehensively trained and certified on the topic and measures by the central, Greek health authority.
  • All rooms are cleaned at the highest level using the appropriate utensils, color-coded towels and cleaning protocols.
  • The entire laundry is washed deep into the pores at 95 ° and sealed airtight.
  • Additional cleaning during your stay is carried out according to your individual wishes.